Entrepreneurship in Sports: Figure Skating in Egypt

Salma Khattab
12 days ago

The Sky Is Indeed The Limit 

When it comes to the entrepreneurship ecosystem, the phrase “anything is possible” could not be truer. Throughout the years, aspiring and brilliant individuals have worked hard to create revolutionary products and services that make our lives easier. But sometimes, adapting an already existing idea to your home market can be considered an entrepreneurial endeavor in and of itself.  


How Did It Start? 

The idea started when a group of ladies became fond of figure skating from the movies they saw as little girls. They wished to practice it one day, but this was uncommon in their community. Very few individuals in their country know about this sport. But this never stopped them. And finally, they founded this business and it’s now in Egypt. 



Shaimaa Al-Adl is the one who started the team. One by one, the team was brought together, and they decided to announce this sport in Egypt, escaping from their busy lives for a couple of hours each week to make a dream come true. They said that they can never forget their great coach, Ahmed Saad, who helps them achieve this dream. They were all one team having the same passion, working hard on themselves, and breaking all the barriers to make this sport as famous as it should be in Egypt. 


But What Is Figure Skating?


They defined it as the sport that never discriminates between a girl or boy in which the trainee performs moves, spins, and jumps on the ice while balancing his/her body on 2mm blades.


Each one in this team has a story. One has school and time management problems, another one is a doctor with endless working hours, and another one is a mother. However, they never let anything stop them from doing what they want. Not only this, but they had also faced another problem of very few public rinks that are not that equipped; however, they try to work with what they have. 



Where Do They Operate?


One of the many challenges they face is that the sport is not known in Egypt. They did not find except only two places to practice, Sun City Mall and Ginena Mall, which provide equipped ice rinks for the coaches to work and train their trainees.


When Do They Operate?


Because of the previously mentioned obstacles of life commitments, they practice once a week for 3-4 hours. But they are always ready to give it more time whenever needed. 


Is There a Certain Age for Those Who Want to Join?


They do not specify a certain age. They are open to anyone. This is actually one of the reasons why they are passionate about this sport, whereas, anyone can practice it from mother to daughter and even grandmother. The most important thing for them is to help others love the sport as they do. 



What’s Next?

They keep stressing on the idea of wanting to make this sport popular in Egypt, as they would really want the establishment of a sports union. There will be one but nothing has yet been announced formally, the team told Startups Galaxy. To do this, they might need some support from the community by sponsoring them to gain popularity or providing them with equipped public rinks to practice on.



How do you think entrepreneurship and sports are related? Share your thoughts with us. 

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